Desmond LaVelle

A compendium of me, and other big words.  

This industry is enjoying a ride on a steep curve informed by a thousand inflection points. Every few years, advertising becomes almost unrecognizable. We have no choice but to stay ahead of change. 

For all that's changed, one thing remains the same: Good ideas win awards. But great ideas win awards and transform business. I've won nearly every major industry award. But I've chosen to only include work in my portfolio that contributes to the story of a brand rather than individual pieces of entertainment. Gags can be easy. But ideas that demonstrate something bigger than the ad itself can have real impact.

Me, smiling, looking thoughtfully at camera

Me, smiling, looking thoughtfully at camera

As a Creative Lead in Facebook’s Creative Shop, we partner with the world’s best agencies and the world’s most valuable brands to help build industry-shifting ideas. When you find yourself in rooms with some of the most creative and savviest marketers in the world, you learn a thing or two. This exposure to Facebook’s Creative Council, or any given global brand team I find myself talking to, has had a tremendous influence on me, informing my approach to brandcraft.

It’s is not enough to behave purposefully as a brand. We must build the sorts of ideas that allow communities of people to share in a brand’s purpose. Now more than ever, we’re able to align with the belief systems of actual people and allow them to participate, both in the digital world and in the physical world. This is exciting stuff. And that data, when used nicely, can be creative’s best friend. As an agency creative, my exposure to data was typically quantitative research that ended up killing what I thought to be an amazing idea. Now, the richness of data we have access to can be deeply inspiring for a creative person. The more we know about people, the more we can find the alignment between what matters to them and what our brand can realistically offer.

My goal is to build cross-media ideas that are valuable to people and transform business. When we do that, the awards will follow. 

That’s a not-so-brief summary of the professional side of me, which didn’t leave much room for the personal stuff. Actually, I have unlimited space. This is the internet. But you’re probably tired of reading and want to get to the work so I’ll keep things short.

I’m a husband and father, and fairly new to both. The feedback from my 3-year-old is that I’m doing about 20% of all things to her liking. I’m a first time pet parent to a very nervous Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. It's a unique breed of dog, sort of a Spaniel-Retriever hybrid. But we use her for none of that, which is probably why she's so anxious

I'm passionate about cycling and have founded a community of cyclists connected by the desire to end cancer. It's called the SwineSpotting Cycling Collective, and our first official ride was 460 miles across the great state of Iowa at the end of the July in which we raised more than $4000 for Stand Up 2 Cancer. 

I’m not an extremely religious person. However, for 14 Saturdays in the fall, I have a front row seat in the temple of college football. It’s like a religion in that there are rules and rituals and weird outfits. But it doesn’t offer any sort of spiritual sanctuary – mostly just anxiety and sometimes extreme disappointment. But maybe this will finally be Nebraska’s year, right? Yea, no.