What I do.

“So, what exactly do you do for Facebook?”

I’m often asked this – and it’s a good question. In short, I help brands and agencies bring big ideas to life on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and whatever cool, new thing Facebook makes available to advertisers. One way to describe my job is that I’m two parts creative director, one part strategist and one part general tech and data nerd. 

For brands, we help them behave purposefully on our platforms and drive their business goals. This typically involves deep collaboration and integration with their agencies or internal creative teams. More recently, my focus has been on our largest global brand partners and helping to build a global team to support them. Sometimes, we’re helping them translate data to insights that inform global briefs. But oftentimes, we’re working with their agency creatives to help them understand our creative spaces and how to build for them. Here are some of the brands with which I’ve spent a bulk of my time.


The best part about my job is working with agency creatives. Specifically, those who open the door to collaboration. We’ll work upstream, helping to shape briefs and develop comms plans. And then, I’ll work with the creatives, reacting to work and making recommendations about how it comes to life in Facebook’s unique spaces. Sometimes, we’ll concept with the creatives and come to the table with our own thinking. Other times, we’ll work with agency leadership to develop agency-wide initiatives. And a few times per year, we’ll bring together global leaders from the most influential agencies for Facebook’s Creative Council.

Here are some of the good agency folk I’ve spent a significant amount of time with while at Facebook. It’s been an amazing opportunity to have worked alongside these incredible minds. Together, we’ve launched Super Bowl activations, built work for global audiences, launched new ad products and infiltrated popular culture.